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Ditch the top loaders. Grade that card!

To submit your cards, please click the link below to download the submission form. Be sure to fill out the form entirely (to include the signature block), and mail your package to P.O. Box 4605, Yigo, Guam 96929 with two copies of your completed form inside. If you are in Guam, you can bring your cards and submission forms to the Expensive Dreams store in the Agana Shopping Center. Once your cards and forms have been received, shipping and insurance fees will be calculated and an invoice will be sent to you for payment. Payment is due within 14 days from the date of the invoice. Additionally, we ask that you understand the turnaround times are estimated and not exact.  Lastly, please note that orders cannot be canceled once your cards have been received.

We look forward to grading for you!

FAQs related to prices:

What is the Insurance Fee and how much does it cost?

Insurance price is based on your submission's total Declared Value. Declared value of $300 or less is a Flat Rate of $4.90. For total Declared Value of over $300, there will be an additional $0.90 for every $100 of Declared Value after the initial $4.90 (max $5,000 Declared Value per package). This is used to make a full monetary value claim with USPS should there be any issues with shipping. Declared value insurance is multiplied by 2 for the final insurance fee. It is multiplied by 2 for insurance with PCS. Although it is highly unlikely, In the event that your card is damaged while going through the grading process, PCS will pay for the damaged card at it's value in it's visible condition prior to damage (i.e. MP, LP, NM). If damaged during encapsulation, we will pay for the card at its graded value.

How much does shipping cost?

Shipping will be calculated based on the weight of your cards. We will ship all items back via USPS Priority mail.

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