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Submissions cannot be canceled once they have been scheduled for grading. If you wish to cancel a submission, it must be canceled while in transit to Paradise Card Service, or while still in the “Receiving” stage. Member’s are responsible for paying return shipping for canceled submissions.



Declared Value Insurance will be added to your invoice total after each card’s declared value has been added together. Insurance will cover the cost of the cards while in the possession of Paradise Card Service, as well as during return shipping. Having your cards damaged during the Grading and Encapsulation process is relatively low. However, should your cards be damaged while in our possession, Paradise Card Service will cover the cost of the graded card according to its condition prior to being damaged. The member will have the option to choose between credit towards another submission, or cash value. You will also need to provide proof of condition prior to the damage (i.e. time stamped “‘before” and “after” pictures). If your cards were damaged during return shipping, a full Declared Value Claim can be made with the return shipping company.

Unhappy With Grades

If you have an account on our website, a grade report will be provided upon completion of your submission. This grade report details the findings in each sub grade to explain the sub grade in better detail. If you are still unhappy with your grades after receiving your graded cards, you will have 10 days to notify us and send your graded cards back. Once Paradise Card Service has received your cards, we will notify you via website account or email. Your cards will be inspected again while still in the capsule and will only be cracked if a change is warranted/necessary. Whether or not a change is made, no service fee will be charged to the member under these circumstances. However, the cost of return shipping will be required.

After exhausting the avenues listed above and you are still unhappy with the quality of our product, please contact our Paradise Card Service Support Team via website chat, email at, or WhatsApp at

671-864-0055. Our goal is to provide our community with quality service based around integrity and good faith. If you feel we have failed you in those aspects, please contact us at your soonest convenience.

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