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When it comes to the card grading process, this will be your first stage. Here, your cards will have been received and logged into the submissions database. All submissions will be organized by Submission Tier and "Due By "dates.

Research & Scheduling

In this phase, each card will be researched to ensure authenticity. Once a card has been deemed authentic, it will be logged into our Population Report, and your order will be scheduled for grading.


In the Grading phase, your cards will be evaluated by one of our graders. Each subgrade will be loaded into our Population Report, and then placed into our Quality Control area.

Quality Control Check #1

In Quality Check #1, a second grader will re-evaluate your cards once more to ensure the initial grades are accurate. Any necessary changes will be loaded into our local grading tracker.


Once your cards have finished with their first QC, labels will be created. The front label will reflect each card's information, while the back label will annotate any special identifiers (i.e. Holo bleed, swirls, or errors if applicable).

Quality Control Check #2

Once each label has been created, they will be examined to ensure the proper information is portrayed. Each label will be placed on top of the corresponding card's penny sleeve in preparation for encapsulation.


In this stage, your cards will be encapsulated via ultrasonic welder. After each card has been sealed, the integrity of the newly welded capsule will be tested. Once the card is deemed "finished," it will be individually sleeved and ready for packaging.


In this stage, your submission has been completed and your cards' grades can now be viewed in your account. If you mailed your cards to us, a tracking number will be provided within 1-3 business days. If you submitted your cards locally, an email will be generated to designate times and locations for your return.

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